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On this page you will find videos grouped by category.  Shooting videos show either teams of the N-SSA in action, or N-SSA style shooting.  Instructional videos showcase safety, bullet casting techniques, loading, and other relevant material. 



This video is our current recruitment video, shot at our main home range at Fort Shenandoah, outside of Winchester Virginia. It showcases most of what we do in a wonderful overview of the organization.  Anyone interested in potentially joining or finding out more about the N-SSA would do well to start here!


This video was shot at the Spring National carbine match, in 2015.


This is an older recruitment video shot in 2009, that is a very good overview of what the N-SSA does. It was shot at our home range in Winchester, Virginia.

This linked video is produced by the Civil War Trust, and offers a birds-eye (drone) view of competitors on the line, as well as a brief description of what we do!