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Spring Nationals 2018


There is a name among skirmishers for the weather at Fort Shenandoah, in Winchester Virginia.  "Shenandoah Sunshine."  Spring nationals this year was greeted by shenandoah sunshine in buckets... which is another way to say that it rained most of the time.  Fortunately, while there was some flooding in some of the camp areas due to standing water, Back Creek did not overflow it's banks during the skirmish days, and all events were fired as scheduled.

Many thanks must go out to both the host teams and to the property manager, Tim Scanlan, for their tireless efforts to keep the fort functioning during the inclement weather.  Thanks also to the hearty skirmishers who toughed it out to participate in the shoot.  Despite the weather, fun and cameraderie was had by all.

The Midwest region was well represented in the winner's circle.  Midwest teams that took home medals included:

Musket: 110th OVI, class A-1: 1st place

110th OVI, class B-1: 2nd place

Union Guards,class B-1: 6th place

Carbine:  110th OVI, class A-1: 1st place

Harris' Light Cavalry, class A-3: 3rd place

110th OVI, class B-1: 3rd place

Harris' Light Cavalry, class B-2: 2nd place

Smoothbore:  110th OVI, class A-1, 2nd place 

Revolver:  110th OVI, class A-3, 1st place

Breechloading Carbine II:  110th OVI, class A-1: 4th place

Single Shot:  110th OVI, 4th place

A full list of all winning teams, as well as individual medal winners, may be found here.