Spring Nationals 2017

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With no in region shoots prior to nationals, the first shot many took this year was at the 'main event' in Winchester, VA.  Spring nationals was blessed with wonderful weather, no rain, and turned out to be a very smooth and well-run shoot!  Many thanks to the host teams, and all who participated!

For a full list of winning teams and individuals, please see:

Team results

Individual results

Medal winning teams from the Midwest region included:

Musket A-1:

Musket A-3:

Musket B-1:

Carbine A-1:

Carbine B-1:

Revolver A-2:

Revolver A-3

Revolver B

Revolver C

Smoothbore A-1

Smoothbore A-2

Smoothbore B

Single Shot Breechloader

Breechloader (Repeater) A-1