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It's hard to know where to start, to say why you should consider joining the N-SSA. Maybe you enjoy competitive shooting. Maybe you enjoy shooting black powder firearms. Maybe you are a re-enactor, or other individual who appreciates history, including living history.  Maybe you just think it looks like a lot of fun. 

Whatever your interest, this page is mean to give you some basic information about membership options, required gear, costs, etc.


There are two basic levels of membership: individual and team.  Individuals who aren't familiar with any teams may join at a discounted rate, and shoot as "pick ups" (on teams needing additional shooters) for a few years until they find the team that is right for them.  This is also a good option for former members who have been out of the sport for five years or more.  Team membership is slightly more expensive, and is ideal for the recruit who already knows what time they want to join.  Permissions are identical for both, but team membership may have additional uniform and weapon requirements.

There is also a non-shooting membership for people wishing to support the organization, but who for one reason or another don't care to actively shoot.

The Midwest region recruiting officer is Ian Egbert.  He may be contacted at  You may also contact the webmaster.

Note that while the Midwest region is located in former union states, we have members spread all over the country. You do NOT have to live in the Midwest to join the Midwest region. 

For a detailed overview of the membership options, please see the N-SSA main membership page.

Gear and equipment:

One of the biggest things that new recruits worry about is along the lines of, "It costs a lot to get involved."  We are a very friendly organization. If you pay your membership dues, you are welcome to shoot. Most teams have loaner equipment (uniforms, guns, etc.) and are happy to loan them to you to get you started. Over time you can acquire your own kit, guns, and so on.  Even if you have no gun, many members have extras and will be happy to loan you one of theirs to get you going.  Odds are good if you buy them dinner, some beer, or throw a few bucks their way, they will even provide ammo.  In short: we want you to join because you find the sport enjoyable, and not worry about the cost. 

This said, naturally you will want to acquire your own gear as time goes on.  This falls into two categories: guns and associated supplies, and uniforms.  An individual membership recruit can get by if they purchase a civil war style hat, wear jeans with the pockets cut out, suspenders, leather shoes, and a flannel shirt.  Once you join a team there will be a specified uniform, consisting of a specific shirt/pant set, leather shoes, and perhaps a specific hat.  Other uniform requirements specific to certain teams might also be in play; period great coats, rain gear, etc.  Team commanders would be able to advise on what gear should be purchased, and where.

As for guns: the N-SSA shoots a variety of matches, including musket, carbine, smoothbore, revolver, single shot breechloader, repeater breechloader, mortar, and artillery.  Not every type of gun is shot at every match, though all are shot at the bi-anual national matches.  While certain teams might have requirements as to the type of gun you shoot, most are pretty open to permit any legal firearm.  In the N-SSA a legal firearm falls into two categories: either an original, unaltered weapon from the Civil War that was issued in at least 100 examples, or an approved reproduction.  More information on approved reproductions can be found here.