Pleasant Hill August 26-28 2016

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The second shoot at the Mountain Top VFW for the year (Pleasant Hill) was marked by HOT temperatures!  Shooters on Saturday got to enjoy a rare treat; uniforms were optional.  A period hat and leather shoes were required, but otherwise we got to shoot in shirtsleeves.  Mother nature still visited us in the form of rain, and the smoothbore shoot was postponed after the first event until Sunday morning, and was shot before musket.

Additionally, the host team (the Union Guards) provided a demonstration area where interested parties could shoot an authentic Civil War weapon or reproduction under the careful eye of a member in good standing, at standard skirmish targeting.

A special thanks once again goes out to the 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and Terry's Texas Rangers for attending this out-of-region shoot, and to the host team for their efforts in some trying weather conditions.

Results included:


110th OVI A 556.1 1st
110th OVI B 736.4 2nd
111th OVI A 855.8 3rd
6th KY A 1004.2
4th KY A 1196.6
19th IN A 1295.3
11th IN A 1486.9
Sherman's Bodyguard A 1501.1
Terry's TX Rangers A 1679.9
1st Rockbridge A 1783.7
Harris' Light A 1827.4
6th KY B 1883.3 1st B


110th OVI A 377.3 1st
111th OVI A 437.7 2nd
Sherman's Bodyguard A 489.5 3rd
110th OVI B 511.2 1st B
111th OVI B 562.6
6th KY A 703.7
19th IN B 923.8
Terry's TX Rangers A 963.2
11th IN Zouaves A 973.5
19th IN A 987.5
110th OVI C 1001.7
6th KY B 1303.6
4th KY A 1366.5
Harris' Light A 1561.4
2nd OVI A 1671.4
Sherman's Bodyguard B 1801.3


110th OVI A 130.8 1st 
110th OVI B 180.4 2nd
6th KY A 227.8 3rd
111th OVI A 240.9
110th OVI C 246.8 1st B
Sherman's Bodyguard A 337.2
Terry's Texas Rangers A 350.1
4th KY A 381.7
19th IN A 417.5
19th IN B 486.2
Harris' Light A 541
2nd OVI A 652


Congratulations to all the winners!