Centerburg, June 9-11

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The 2017 season in the Midwest got off to a late start this year, with nationals taking place prior to the first in-region shoot.  That shoot took place in Centerburg, the Midwest home range, on June 9-11.  As usual, individuals on Friday, with carbine/smoothbore matches Saturday and musket on Sunday.  Many thanks to the 4th Kentucky, who hosted the event.  Fine weather and cameraderie contributed to the fun had by all!

This year, a new rule was voted into order.  A "B" team may no longer win an "A" award, unless they outshoot their own A team.  This is worth note, as it means that some "B" teams' times might be better than some winning A teams' times.  Not only will this new rule permit more teams to win medals, but prevents the possibility of one team winning all the medals in an event.  Please bear this in mind when considering winning teams in the medal standings.

That said, winners this shoot included:


1st Place: 110th OVI A team.  600.8 seconds.

2nd Place: 111th OVI A.  879.7 seconds.

3rd Place: 6th KY Infantry A: 972.4 seconds.

1st Place B Team: 110th OVI B: 999.4 seconds.


1st Place: 110th OVI A: 362.8 seconds

2nd Place: 111th OVI A: 583.5 seconds

3rd Place: 6th KY: 597.8 seconds.

1st Place B Team: 495.9 seconds


1st Place: 110 OVI A.  200.2 seconds.

2nd Place:  6th KY.  409.9 seconds.

3rd Place:  Sherman's Bodyguard.  414.4 seconds
A special shout out here is due to Sherman's, as their B team outshot their A team- displacing them, and to win a medal no less.  Way to go guys!

1st Place B Team: 110 OVI B: 386.2 seconds.