Centerburg July 29-31, 2016

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The Harris Light Cavalry hosted the regional skirmish this year.  A word to perspective skirmishers or just those who aren't in the know:   any skirmish that isn't nationals is a regional skirmish, but once a year, there is the regional skirmish, the 'main' skirmish of the year for that region. 

In format, it functions like any other skirmish, but at least in the Midwest region, there is one important difference.  It is a target rich environment for both individual and team competitors alike, as awards are given based on a shooter's national classification, not his or her simple overall performance at a skirmish.  In the Midwest region, this is the only skirmish that is so organized, though other regions often follow this guideline at their general skirmishes for the year.  Additionally, more places 'paid' for tam medals than normal.  Point being, there were a lot of awards to be had!


Results included:

110 OVI A 341.8 1st
110 OVI B 448.6 2nd
Union Guards A 481.8 3rd
Union Guards B 631.8 1st B team
Sherman's Bodyguard 537.6
6th KY 598.9
2nd KY 654.3
4th KY 928.2
6th KY B 1031.7
Union Guards C 1250.1
Sherman's Bodyguard B 1300

110 OVI A 349.9 1st
110 OVI B 540.3 2nd
Union Guard 526.3 3rd
6th KY 559.7 4th
Sherman's Bodyguard 577.6 5th
Union Guard B 652.4 1st B
2nd KY 656
4th KY 1084
Sherman's Bodyguard B 1315.4

110 OVI A 211 1st
Uniong Guards A 299.4 2nd
110th OVI B 322 3rd
110th OVI C 486.7 1st B
6th KY 322.4
2nd OVI  491.3
4th KY  519.2
Sherman's Bodygaurd 520.8
Sherman's Bodygaurd B 626.8
Union Guard B 683