Batesville July 21-23


The regional shoot for the Midwest was held this year at the Tri-Count Coon Hunter's club in Batesville.  The weather on Saturday for musket and carbine was superb; unfortunately, the musket match on Sunday morning was rained out and ultimately cancelled due to lightening storms in the area.  What can one say? It is Indiana in the summer.

Even so, a good time was had by all. Many thanks to the host team and the people who came in from out of region for this shoot, as well as the in-region teams who made a second long trek in a row to Batesville for this shoot.

Given this fact, there are no winners to list for musket.  Winners for the other events included:


1st: 110th OVI: 379.2

2nd: Sherman's Bodyguard: 440.2

3rd: 6th KY Infantry: 443.2

1st B: 110th OVI 736.1


1st: 110th OVI: 225.8

2nd: Sherman's Bodyguard: 351.8

3rd: 6th KY Infantry: 432.7

1st B:  110th OVI: 377.5


Congratulations to all the winners!