Batesville June 23-25, 2017

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The westernmost shoot in the Midwest region, held at the Tri-County Coon Club, took place this year with fine weather and good company.  Many thanks to the 19th Indiana for hosting a fine shoot.

Winning teams included:


1st Place: 110th OVI A.  414.5.

2nd Place: Union Guard A.  831.0.

3rd Place: 2nd KY A.  914.2.

1st Place B: 110th B.  808.8.


1st Place: 110th OVI A.  380.8.

2nd Place: Union Guard A.  535.8.

3rd Place: 6th KY.  647.3.

1st Place B team: 110th OVI B. 494.1.


1st Place: 110th OVI A.  200.5.

2nd Place: 6th KY.  607.3.

3rd Place: Harris' Light.  623.6.

1st Place B: 110th OVI B.  216.2.

Congrats to all the winners!  No pics this time, due to some technical difficulties, but stay tuned for next time!