Pleasant Hill August 12-14 2016


Every year, the 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry takes it's turn at hosting.  This year was a particularly special skirmish, in that it paid tribute to a recently passed long-time skirmisher, gunsmith, shooter, and all-around great man, Jerry Harmon.

Mr. Harmon had over a 50 year association with the N-SSA; for some highlights of his generous and remarkable life, I encourage you to read the eulogy delivered at the shoot.

As part of the tribute, events included a special 'buddy' shoot, before the main musket match.

Also noteworthy at the shoot was the annual 'adult beverage' tasting roundtable, hosted by Al Minneman.  Thanks to him and all those who brought a bottle of their favorite wine for interested parties to sample.

The weather did not, unfortunately, cooperate.  Torrential rain is no stranger for skirmishers, and much of this year's 110th shoot was shot in the rain.  A special thanks to those who stuck around through it until Sunday for the musket match.  A special thanks also goes out to Terry's Texas Rangers and the 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry for coming in from other regions to support this shoot.

Winners and results included:


6th KY A 820 1st
Sherman's BG A 1029.6 2nd
19th IN 1378.4 3rd
1st Rockbridge Art. 1472.3
4th KY 1646.7
Sherman's BG B 1758.9 1st B
6th KY B 2136.3


Union Guards A 506 1st
Sherman's BG A 506.8 2nd
111th OH B 516 3rd
111th OH A 582.7 1st B
6th KY A 630.3
2nd KY A 667.3
4th KY A 870.4
11th IN A 977
Union Guards B 1062.9
19th IN A 1210.1
Sherman's BG B 1216.2
Terry's TX Rangers A 1301
19th IN B 1577.6
11th IN B 1583.5
2nd KY B 1596.5
6th KY B 1643.6
2nd OVI A 1797.6
6th KY C 2230.6


6th KY A 305.5 1st
Shermans BG A 364.9 2nd
Union Guards A 490 3rd
2nd KY A 499.1
19th IN A 549.5
Terry's TX Rangers A 624
19th IN B 665.5 1st B
4th KY A 695.6
6th KY B 719.5
2nd OH A 878.6
Sherman's BG B 954.9